Weight Loss With the Acai Berry Diet

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It is true that acai is high in fiber, but that is not the only constituent which is responsible for weight loss. In addition to fiber, the extremely high antioxidant content in acai promotes weight loss by cleansing toxins and other microorganisms from the digestive tract

The more you learn about this amazing little berry which is native to the rainforests of the Amazon, the more you will come to love it. With that being said, there are some acai berry diets that are not at all good for you. There are a few reasons for this, but most often because of other ingredients in the acai supplements. If you find the right product, weight loss with the acai berry diet is not only possible, it is probable!

A Little Bit of History

Although natives of the Brazilian Amazon have been eating acai for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the mid part of the last century that medical science began to recognize its many healthful benefits. During the 1950’s, doctors began by noticing that natives of the region were extremely energetic and in amazingly good health. As they studied the acai berry they found that it had a number of properties that directly contributed to these effects. By the 1960’s it was recommended that athletes eat acai immediately before and after workouts. Over time, as more became known about acai, medical science finally understood just what a powerhouse of nutrients this little berry contained.

Nutrients in Acai Berry

In terms of weight loss, there probably isn’t a more potent food that has the potential to naturally help you burn calories while promoting better health. Acai is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber. In fact, acai contains 12 vitamins, 19 amino acids and 13 minerals. The antioxidants are in the form of flavonoids and other types of polyphenols. There are also a number of compounds which have as yet not been identified but are believed to be largely responsible for many of the antioxidant properties in acai.

What Promotes Weight Loss?

It is true that acai is high in fiber, but that is not the only constituent which is responsible for weight loss. In addition to fiber, the extremely high antioxidant content in acai promotes weight loss by cleansing toxins and other microorganisms from the digestive tract. Part of the reason we have so much trouble taking pounds off in the first place is because of a sluggish digestive system. One it is cleansed, nutrients make their way more easily through the walls of the intestines. As a result, the metabolic rate at which we burn calories is increased because fuel is able to make it through to the mitochondria, those cells that produce energy for the body. Fiber pushes waste through and antioxidants cleanse toxins. That’s a winning combo!

Other Benefits to Acai Diets

While weight loss may be your main concern, acai has a number of other healthful properties as well. Those same antioxidants that cleanse toxins from your digestive tract also cleanse toxins from elsewhere throughout the body. There is significant research to substantiate that acai not only helps to reverse the visible signs of aging in skin cells, it is also known to guard against certain forms of cancer among which is colorectal cancer. It is also suggested that mental acuity is increased because toxins interfering with the movement of neurons are picked up and carried out of the system. While the jury is still out on this particular benefit, the others have been well studied and there is ample evidence to support those claims.

Which Acai Product Is Best?

If you are looking for the best product on the market, don’t pay attention to name brands as much as to the actual ingredients in the supplement. First of all, the only true weight loss with the acai berry diet will contain pure acai. No other ingredients should be in the acai compound. Most often side effects are associated with other ingredients such as ephedra. Acai itself is not known to cause any negative side effects and the only problem could be if you had one of the very, very rare allergies to berries! Next, take a look at how the acai was ‘preserved.’ Only fresh or freeze dried acai has any real nutritive value. Within 24 to 48 hours many of the nutrients are lost. If you can’t find whole organic acai berries, look for supplements that were manufactured with fresh freeze dried acai berry powder.

What to Expect on the Acai Berry Diet

The first thing you will notice on a weight loss with the acai berry diet is that you will feel less bloated and a whole lot more energetic. As those toxins and that built up waste are removed from your intestines, food will be digested more readily and you will find that you actually have more energy as well. The next thing you will notice is that the pounds start coming off regularly. Anyone who promises rapid and immediate weight loss is scamming you, so beware! Acai will not cause 10 pounds to come off overnight so don’t expect it. However, you will notice that without altering your eating habits to any great degree, you will lose approximately 2 pounds a week.

Acai has received a lot of press in recent years and rightfully so. This is one powerful little berry that really can promote weight loss. The gradual change in your body will be evident. Just don’t expect a miraculous transformation overnight. Weight loss with the acai berry diet is one of the healthiest ways of taking off pounds because it provides your body with the tools it needs to burn fat cells more naturally. And that is what weight loss is all about – enabling your body to burn calories stored as fat cells. As long as you get acai in the proper state, you can expect results. A high quality acai supplement for weight loss is about as good as it gets.

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